At Hope Social, we have created a wellness program that is packed full of the tools and the peer support that today's teens and young adults need and desire.

Our program is educational, applicable, relatable and works! We educate teens and young adults on the best practices for managing the ups and downs of life. In addition, we help them learn to successfully navigate and embrace the beautiful journey ahead, regardless of their life situation. We use those skills every day in our wellness program.  Eventually these new tools become life habits, and overtime will create a new life story filled with joy and peace.

Our program is designed for any teen or young adult who is struggling with, or wants to improve in the following areas:  low mood/ sadness/ relationships/ stress/ negative thoughts/ perfectionism/ anxiety/ grief/ self-worth/ social anxiety, or for those just needing support with managing daily life.

We believe that giving teens and young adults a place to belong, to learn, and to feel like a human and not a label creates safety and a sense of community from which to grow. Our program meets 3 days a week, and we often get together for scheduled weekend social events. 

We empower our clients with the latest, best practices for finding joy and peace, from the top researchers in the field. Further, we walk alongside them as they flex their wings and get steady on their feet. This is not counseling, but instead is a blend of life coaching, skill development and application, fun, and peer support.  And of course, a sprinkle of magic dust. 

The program length varies to accommodate the needs of each individual. From group chats and learning sessions, to yoga, bonfires, and cooking challenges, we will learn, grow and heal together. Join us, and create the new life story that you’ve been dreaming of.


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”-George Addair

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