If you are a parent looking at this page, you have probably been searching for help for your teen or young adult to heal. There are few things in life as hard as watching your child struggle. Sadly, there are not many good program options available for this age group. Arizona ranks towards the bottom for youth mental health related programming options.

Over the past 5 years, our children’s mental health as a nation continues to decline.  This is what sparked our journey to create something completely different and unique to support our youth.  Hope Social offers parents of teens and young adults something new, a program filled with research backed tools for healing and a strong peer support network. Our program isn’t concerned with labels, isn’t clinical, and doesn’t leave clients feeling that they are broken.  Instead, we work to inspire, accept them as they are, and support each person on their journey as they learn new skills, create new habits, and grow.

Our program was created to give teens and young adults the support network, and the tools they need to heal and to grow. 

  • We teach them that they are not their thoughts.  Thoughts can be observed, accepted, or released, rather than internalized.
  • We provide a sense of community; who said healing is best done alone? 
  • We help them find peace from the anxiety and sadness so many carry. 
  • We help them find their inner voice, develop self-love, recognize their dignity and find gratitude for the everyday things.
  • Lastly, we help them discover who they already are, and help them create the new beautiful life they were meant to live. One filled with joy and peace.

Young people need a place to share real feelings and emotions, real struggles, and an evironment where they can feel understood by peers.  They need to see that emotions are normal, healthy, and okay. They come and they will go. Struggles are also a part of life and normal. Being with others who understand, validates our feelings and normalizes our life struggles. At this time, young people are more isolated and less connected than ever before. This perpetuates the pain, loneliness, and fear.  Research proves that having a support network around you is invaluable for healing.  

At Hope Social, we focus on real life tools that are backed by science and support healing and personal growth. We teach how to handle emotions, anxiousness, stress, fear, relationships, boundaries and how to heal. We are not a mental health treatment program or counseling center.  Instead, we focus on life tools that are proven to bolster our individual mental health, and that can be used to support anyone on their healing journey.  Check out our Teen and Young Adult page to see more details about the program.

If you are a parent interested in learning more, follow us on Instagram @hopesocialaz, or Hope Social on Facebook, and soon on TikTok.  For specific questions or information about registering your teen/young adult, pricing, and specific dates and times, please email us at [email protected]

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