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Teen & Young Adult Life Coaching in Chandler, AZ

Everyone has a story. We create the story throughout our lives based on input from society, our families, and our life experiences.  Sometimes the story is full of heartache, struggles with our mental health, limitations, sadness, fear, loneliness, or anxiety.  Often our stories get in the way of truly living the life we were designed to live. At Hope Social, our mental wellness and support program is designed to help you create the life story you were meant to live.  The dream that lives inside you.  The one where you are living your best life. 

Hope Social was designed to be different from other programs.  We know that one of the strongest predictors of growth and healing is having a support system around you.  Hope Social brings people together who are walking similar paths.  We share with teens and young adults in our program, the latest tools for bolstering their mental health and for living their best life.  This creates a community of peers who can connect, learn, grow, and heal together.  

Bring a fun playlist, a journal, and an open and willing heart and join us at Hope Social!

~ Kindra

How long does the program last?

Our wellness program meets 3 days a week, and sometimes gets together on weekends for social events. We offer a 3-month program, but highly recommend at minimum, a 6-month program, which can be extended as long as you need. We think it’s important to not only learn the skills, but also to build new life habits, and that takes time.  The goal is to help you create a foundation you can use for a lifetime. If you feel ready to head out and take on the world after 6 months, then we encourage you to do so!  If you want more time to strengthen those new concepts, stay longer.  After completing the 3 day a week program, we encourage you to continue coming to meetings and social events.  Then, if you’re able, volunteer and reach out a hand to support the new people coming in.  Together, we can do this!

Who is this for?

Anyone 13-24 who is struggling with life’s challenges including: low mood, stress, anxiety, grief, self-worth, social anxiety, negative thought patterns, sadness, difficult relationships, perfectionism, life transitions, dealing with difficult emotions, or other life struggles. Our only requirement is that you are open and willing to learn. This is a place of no judgement and no labels.  Our focus is on progress not perfection, and personal growth and development through learning and practicing research backed holistic life tools that help you to live a more peace-filled and joyful life.  

We are different from counseling in that we do not diagnose or treat specific mental health disorders, provide individual therapy, or focus on the past.  Our focus is on living in the present, and looking at where you want your life to go.  The skills you learn will help you to let go of negative thought patterns, challenge limiting beliefs, elevate your mood, reduce anxiety, learn self-acceptance and self-love, and deal with difficult emotions.  All of these help bolster your mental health and set you on a course for living your best life.  We are not able to take individuals who are currently experiencing suicidal ideation, psychosis, serious mental illness, neurological conditions, violent behaviors, or are struggling with addiction, but are happy to refer you to others who can support you!

What does the program look like?

Imagine sitting in a cozy room, listening to music, chatting with new friends, and focusing on your own personal growth, healing and well-being. Imagine feeling truly heard because you are with others who have been on a similar journey and understand.  This is Hope Social.  Our program is different than anything else you will find in Arizona.  It is a holistic approach to healing through group life coaching and education, along with a strong peer support program. This is a place of hope, support, and positive real tools that will change your life. 

Our time together is spent focusing on tools that lead to living a great life.  In addition, we create a warm environment designed for sharing, listening and supporting each other.  We focus a lot on our thoughts. We are not our thoughts, we have thoughts. In addition, we are not our emotions, we have emotions. Recognizing the role these thoughts and emotions play in our lives and how to work with them, can make a huge impact on our mindset and growth. 

In addition, we spend time examining our current life stories, and creating the new story that gives us the life we desire.  As we go along, we continuously immerse ourselves in living in the present, where the problems, fear, and sadness can fade away. We have a robust curriculum, and you will find some things that you can identify with that will make a difference in your personal life.  Lastly, we sprinkle in a few bonfires, game nights, cooking challenges, service projects, yoga, time in nature, and nights on the town! Hope you can join us as we dive in!  

Where is this located?

We are located in Chandler, Arizona just off Elliot and the 101.  Follow us on Instagram @hopesocialaz for the latest info. 

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