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Hello, I’m Kindra, a Life Coach and entrepreneur in Arizona, and the founder of Hope Social. I help teens and young adults find peace and joy in their lives.

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you" - Walt Whitman

Life provided me with a lot of love and some beautiful people to share the journey with me. It also brought me to my knees many times over the years.

I experienced a lot of sudden loss and trauma in my life. As a child, we lost our home in a fire, and I lost my mom at a young age. When I was an adult, I lost my baby, Brenden, and later my 18 year old son, Zach. These events caused me to lose trust in the future and created havoc with my mental well being.  Eventually the anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, traumic memories, numbness, fear, hopelessness, and deep pain sent me on a journey.  I set out to find a way not only to survive, but to fully live again. 

I’ve spent the past several years doing just that. I poured through the current research on healing, studied all the latest theories in mental health, consumed books on finding joy, peace, and hope, sat in on classes offered by some of the best trauma specialists in America, attended support groups, and talked with true experts in the field of healing.

I never expected to be on this journey and yet, along the way, I became equipped with true life experience, educational knowledge, and a deep passion for sharing all of what I’ve learned with others.  In particular, teens and young adults. Arizona is lacking in creative, innovative healing and support programs and this age group has captured my heart. They are incredibly smart and resilient, and I know they can find their way again with a little support.

Hope Social is the culmination of the best tools I’ve discovered through my deep dive through the most current research on healing and living a life of joy and peace. Plus, we’ve included a strong, fun support component which is a vital in the healing process. I look forward to sharing all of this with the teens and young adults of Arizona!

I received my Bachelor’s in Education Degree from Iowa State University, and my Master’s in Counseling Degree from the University of Northern Colorado. I spent many years as a teacher and a business owner, and currently am a certified life coach. For me personally, life coaching offers a fabulous bridge to connecting all I have to share, with real life practice and results. I’m excited to share with teens and young adults, my recipe for a joyful life. ~ Kindra

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