self care sunday

Self-Care Sunday

Self-care is a huge buzzword these days.  Why is it that so many are talking about this?  When you think about it, we’ve spent years as a society working harder, taking on heavier loads, and pushing to excel in every area of life. We try to be the perfect parent, son/daughter, student, athlete, worker, organizer, gift giver, cook, provider, and friend. All of this leaves us with little time to catch our breath. In addition, add a little perfectionism to the mix and it can leave you feeling like you are drowning.  Lastly, top it off with the desire and pressure to exercise, eat right, and to constantly be available via text, Snapchat, IG, or email. It can be absolutely exhausting.  

The ramifications of living in this high pressure, fast paced world often show up in our inability to manage the daily stressors of life. Not only do we need to purge some expectations from our list, but we also need to allow time to breathe, rest, and reflect. Our bodies, our minds, and our souls can’t keep up with the demand without taking time to recharge and refresh.  This is where self-care comes in.

Self-care is taking time to do something for YOU! It's something you do to keep yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy. It sets aside TIME IN THE DAY and SPACE IN THE MIND just for you.

Taking time to give back to yourself allows the physical body to rest. Along with that, it tells your brain that you are valuable, and that you are worthy of receiving good things in life.  This shifts our mindset into a positive space.  Giving yourself space in your life to bring in positive thoughts and to quiet the mind helps arm you for the times when the noise of the world is loud, and the demands are high.  Think of the times you didn’t take the space you needed.  Did you become overwhelmed, annoyed, sad, or angry? It’s common to end up living in that noisy, busy head space every day.  

Allowing time to recharge not only helps you move through your week in a better mental space, but also reminds you of your value.  All of a sudden, you remember who you are, and the importance of just being in the here and now.  You are reminded of the joy found in the present moment.  This is where we find the quiet space in our hearts and minds from which we can grow, heal, and just breath again.

So, take a walk, sit in the sun, try a new tea, draw, take a bath, journal, or watch the sun rise or set.  Commit to giving this time to yourself on Sundays for a while.  Next, add some other times during the week.  This doesn’t have to happen every day.  However, imagine how much better able to handle life you would be if you found the time regularly? 

Give it try. It will change your DAY, your WEEK, and overtime, your LIFE.

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